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Major changes coming at the end of July.

Maps(Not Updated)
General Map directory Amfipryon Cannibal Village Cleric Guild Deepheart Deepheart Sewers Desert Dinosaur Forest Drow Fortress Goah Village Goblin Caves Graveyard Harborside Harborside Sewers Headhunters Village Hotel Aceldama Isle of Shoals Minotaur Island Oceana Oraminam Pythagoras Skavenblight Skol Island Tundra Underdark Weslar Windswept Zolgath
The rest will be up as soon as I can.
One of the harder challenge when starting out on a mud is learning some of the basics. To help ease parts of this transition, I have collected information for the newbies and written some suggestions on starting out.
Newbie Menu - A menu that links to all the help pages I have for newbies.(Not Updated)
Newbie Guide - This is a guide I wrote to help newbies understand all of the basics of the game, including mud specific commands and suggested ways to start.(Not Updated)


Paladins - Basic information about the Paladin Guild. More information coming soon.(Not Updated)

Rangers - Basic information about the Ranger Guild. More information coming soon.(Not Updated)

Soritals - Basic information about the Sorital Guild. More information coming soon.(Not Updated)

Clerics - A basic list of information for the Cleric Class, including a complete list of spells and spell information.(Not Updated)

Fighters - Some basic information about the Fighter Class.(Not Updated)

Mages - A basic list of information for the Mage Class, including a complete list of spells and spell information.(Not Updated)

Thieves - A relatively thorough section on information on the Thief Class. Includes Weapons list, help files and manuals.(Not Updated)

Occultists - Information coming soon.(Not Updated)

Other Information

Messageboard - closed

Vampires - I have been too lazy to make a vampire help menu, so I have just made a link to the directory of vampire informatino for now.(Not Updated)

Boats - A list of all the boats in Malevolence and where each of them travels to.(Not Updated)

Player Law - Probably the most important help file to read, since it tells you the basic do's and don'ts for the mud. A MUST read.(Not Updated)

Help on Classes and Guilds - A help file that talks about more of the specifics of guilds and classes.(Not Updated)

Pets - Information on buying and handling a pet.(Not Updated)

Creatorship - This page talks about what it takes to apply to be a creator. Taken directly from the help creatorship file in Malevolence.(Not Updated)

Player Races - An overview and comparison of the different player races available.(Not Updated)

Skills Cost - This table will show you, in a quick glance, the experience cost to raise a skill a level.(Not Updated)

Weapons - Always in a state of updating, this list of weapons in the game gives you the comparable strength of available weapons.(Not Updated)

Money - This file explains currency, its exchange rate, and how it works in the game.(Not Updated)

All the most recent news is in the Malevolence email newsletter, run by Malevolences Admin's and is 100% official.

I have compiled an archive of all of the past newsletters for you to read. If you have not read them all, they are not a bad thing to read when you have time. (Not Updated)