Classes are the basic skill units of the game. A player in a class gains the ability to train in all skills and/or spells of that class. Player may be in more than one class. Multi-classed players gain the skills of all the classes they are in, however, it is much more expensive to advance class skills. There may also be certain bonuses or skills restricted to single classed players.

Available Classes:
|| Fighter || Thief || Cleric || Mage ||


Guilds are special forms of classes that do not allow multi- classing. Guilds are typically made of the skills of two or more classes plus a few skills unique to the guild. This allows a player to have skills from multiple classes without paying the extra experience costs. But this also means the player can never join another class.

Available Guilds:
|| Paladins || Soritals || Rangers || Occultists ||