The Occultist

The Occultist guild was founded long ago by Atia, the renegage Sorital. A young human outcast from her village along with her mate Calin, Atia was the most subdued of the Founders of Sorital. She realized the great harm she could do with her talents along with the great good. She was rarely seen speaking to anyone at great length other than Calin.

After Calin's disappearance in the Great War, they say Atia went mad. Her careful control of her talents dissolved. She cut a swathe of destruction through the Shadow ranks, entering their lair alone, never to return. Rumor and speculation say that Atia's mind was warped by the darkness and shadow. Though she never returned to Xanadu, Atia did leave the Shadow Lands to found a society dedicated to spreading evil and madness over the land.

Occultists exist to serve evil powers. They must remain evil themselves in order to make use of their powers. The Occultist resents and despises all that is good.

Please view "man occultist" and "help occultist" on the mud for additional information.