The Mage

Magic-users draw upon arcane powers in order to exercise their profession. While they have mighty spells of offensive, defensive, and informational nature, magic-users are very weak in combat. They gain but 7 hit points per point of constitution, and furthermore, they can wear no armour, other than magical robes, cloaks, and bracers, and have few weapons they can use, for martial training is so foreign to magic-users as to make the two almost mutually exclusive.

There are many powerful items of magic which only this class can employ. Most magic scrolls, wands, staves, and many of the miscellaneous items of magic are usable only by this class. Thus, while magic-users are not strong in combat with weapons, they are possibly the more fearsome of all classes when high levels of ability are finally attained. Survival to that point can be a problem, however, as low level magic-users are quite weak.

Please view "man mage" and "help mage" on the mud for additional information.