The Thief

The profession of thief is not dishonourable, albeit is neither honourable nor highly respected in some quarters. Thieve are principally meant to take by cunning and stealth. Thieves have 12 hit points per point of constitution and are the next most skilled in combat, next to fighters, using their backstabbing ability to comence a fight. Due to their need for light quick attacks, a thief is not permitted to wield weapons in two hands, or wear a shield as they hamper his ability to move and strike. If the thief is also a fighter, however, he is permitted to wield two weapons simultaneously. Also, due to the nature of his dexterous needs, any other armour, other than leather, tends to hamper the thieves skills. Therefore, no thief will wear armour that is more bulky or heavy than this.

Please view "man thief" and "help thief" on the mud for additional information.