Tools for Players and Creators

There are several tools available to make coding and playing on Malevolence more pleasant. We have compiled a list of our favorites.

MUD/Telnet Clients

The MUD Client FAQ has valuable information about MUD clients and how to connect to MUDs in general. You need a client or telnet program to be able to connect to a MUD. The clients listed below are a few of the more popular clients for a variety of operating systems, but it is by no means an exhaustive or up-to-date list.

Note, the cross-platform clients may require installing additional packages, such as GTK toolkits, to run on Windows, MacOSX and some Unix platforms. Most Linux distributions will come with the toolkits already installed.

Client Operating Systems Description
Windows For players running Windows we highly reccomend Zmud and CMUD from Zuggsoft, which does have a small purchase fee associated with it.
Also available::
ZMud Freeware for Win9x or Win3.1 (v3.62a)
Tinyfugue Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOSX A classic command line client that supports many platforms.
TinTin++ Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOSX Another classic command line client.
MushClient Windows A mud client for Windows designed with speed in mind.
Portal Windows A Windows client with many features.
Pueblo/UE Windows Another popular Windows client.
MacTelnet MacOS 8/9 and MacOSX A telnet client for the Mac platform.
Gnome-Mud Linux/Unix Formerly AMCL, this is a GTK based client intended for the Gnome desktop environment.
KildClient Linux/Unix A GTK based client with support for Perl scripts
kmc Linux/Unix A QT based client for use with the KDE desktop environment.
KMud Linux/Unix A UNIX/Linux client for the KDE desktop environment.
mcl Linux/Unix A virtual console (xterm, etc) client for Linux/Unix that supports Python and Perl scripting.
Mmucl Linux/Unix A tcl/Tk and tcl/GTK client for Linux. Also has a text based interface.
GGMud Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOSX A GTK2 client based on the TinTin++ and ZMud 4.6.x feature sets.
Lyntin Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOSX A Python client based on TinTin++.
Papaya Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOSX A GTK based cross-platform client.
Trebuchet Tk Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOSX A tcl/Tk based client intended for the TinyMUD/MUSH/MOO community and inspired by TinyFugue.
More clients can be found at the Mudconnector Resource Center.