Malevolence Reviews

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We have received several reviews over the last couple of years. Here is what  players and reviewers had to say:

The Mud Connector gave us a pretty good official review last year. Check it out!

I enjoyed the time I spent here greatly, and I'm certain that with the expansion of the player base, Malevolence could easily become a a truly classic MUD.

Game Commandos says...

Malevolence is a great world that will give you lots of opprotunities. After a hacker brought down the mud for almost a year, they are back up to speed and quickly making Malev (as regulars call it) a very player friendly world.

There are a multitude of races that, when mixed with the different classes and guild system available, allow you to create a character that is very unique for how you want to play the game.

The learning curve from levels 4-8 are pretty steep ( you will probably leave the newbie area around levels 3-4), but if you have the patience to get past that, the game is very in depth and enjoyable.

The Creators/Immortals in the game are always ready to listen to your comments and will make needed changes based on that. Nothing is concrete.

Overall, its a very indepth gaming enviroment that allows you enough variation to be your own character and not just follow those who have been before you.

Zuggsoft, creators of Zmud says...
Cool, combat oriented MUD. Lots of races and classes as well as many things you will find on no other MUD out there! Give em a try!

Grims Mudlist says...
Malevolence is obviously a classic. The mud grows and gets better everyday. Great gameplay and intense combat makes Malevolence one of the best muds to play. A friendly group of players and creators makes a nice gaming enviroment. Is definitely worth playing. Also Malevolence has the best conversations I have ever seen on a MUD.

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