Creatorship on Malevolence

Apprenticeships are availible on Malevolence, for those both with and without Lpmud coding experience. After achieving 30th level as a player, you are allowed to apply for creatorship. As an applicant for creatorship on Malevolence, you need a current creator to sponsor you. After filling out an online questionaire, a vote will be taken amongst the other creators approving your creatorship. As a creator you will be expected to complete an area on the development server. When this area is finished, approved by your domain lord and by the QC, it will be opened on the production server. When you have an area open on the production server, you will be given a creator account on the production server. After working in a domain for a while, a creator who has shown good organizational skills, and has an interesting idea may apply to start a domain of their own.